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Plastic Bearing Materials

1337 orgx,Plastic Bearing Materials

  • 2021-10-03

There are different type of plastic can use to produce bearings ,such as  PP ,POM ,PE ,PEEK .

MKL BEARINGS can produce different type of POM plastic bearing, PP plastic bearing, peek plastic bearing, PVDF plastic bearing for you .

And Below here is Feature for Different Plastic  :

1.PP Material Features;

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PP bearings
PP Plastic bearings

POM Material Features :

1.High strength, rigidity and toughness.
2.Good impact strength, even at low temperatures.
3.Low moisture absorption (at saturation 0.8%)
4.Outstanding wear resistance and sliding properties.
5.Excellent machinability.
6.Good creep resistance.

pom bearings
pom plastic bearings

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peek plastic bearings
peek bearings

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